FAQ: Business Cooperation (Orders/ Payments/ Shipping/ Visit)


Q1. How do I place an order? 

Q2. What is the average lead time?

Q3. What payment methods does Unison Tek accept?

Q4. Which countries does Unison Tek ship to?

Q5. How are my goods packed?

Q6. How long does delivery take and how much does it cost?

Q7. Can I track my packages?

Q8. Do I have to pay for duties and tax?

Q9. I need your help! Can you come visit me? Or, can I go visit Unison Tek?



A1. How do I place an order?

Simply send the order to your contact at Unison Tek and we will proceed with it immediately. If you don’t have an ordering system, we can provide sales contract for you to confirm and sign as an official order. Any email sent to Unison Tek will be answered soon and at latest in next working day.

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A2. What is the average lead time?

Our average lead time is around 3-4 weeks for production items, for samples is 1-2 weeks. Yet, we can expedite it for you if you have a rush order. Let us know in advance and we can provide parts in as short as 5 business days! Our principles are to meet the requirement of our customers on schedule.

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A3. What payment methods does Unison Tek accept?

We currently accept payments via wire transfer and PayPal, which allows you to pay with your credit/debit card as well.

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A4. Which countries does Unison Tek ship to?

No matter which country, we can ship to where you are! We have been exporting precision metal parts for over 28 years. Our main customers are in North America, Europe (including UK) and Australia. But, we do ship to other places too. For all the countries where our clients are located, please click here

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A5. How are my goods packed?

Our experienced staff in shipping department will determine the best way to pack your components. Usually, we will pack parts into plastic bags then place them in the boxes that match their size. We also have plastic trays and anti-rust bags to prevent parts being damaged or oxidized during production too.
We can also follow your packing instruction if there is a packing method you prefer.


♦ Packaging material we use are as follows:

   Anti-Corrosion Bags (VCI Anti Rust Bags) / Blister Packs (Plastic Tray) /

  EPE Foam Buffer Packing Material / Plastic Web / Zip Lock Bags


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A6. How long does delivery take and how much does it cost?

Unison Tek has great contracts with DHL and FedEx. Thus, shipping can be as fast as 2 business days with economical freight cost. Just contact Harry Yen hyen@unisontek.com.tw for shipping cost calculation. 
Also, we have forwarders who can assist with sea shipments and standard air freight services as well. If you need any information about shipping, plaese feel free to contact us.

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A7. Can I track my packages?

Of course! Since Unison Tek uses DHL and FedEx, tracking number and ETA (estimated time of arrival) will always be provided when parts are dispatched.

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A8. Do I have to pay for duties and tax?

This depends on the trade term you decided during the quoting process. However, if you provide VAT/HTS/Tariff code that fits your parts the most, we will ensure your parts are imported into your country under the correct product category.

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A9. I need your help! Can you come visit me? Or, can I go visit Unison Tek?

Yes! In order to provide the most suitable services for you, we can arrange a visit to your office/factory if that’s preferable. Not only sales will visit you, once you need our engineers and QC inspectors can come to visit you to discuss the design from the manufacturing points, the QC inspection requirements. If a visit is not required in a hurry, we can also arrange one into our regular business trip which we go around the globe to visit customers every one or two years.
Same works the other way around, if you would like to visit us, please advise in advance so we can arrange pickups and factory tour for you!

We understand that sometimes face to face communication is required to better solve technical issues or to develop deeper relationships. Yet, if an actual visit is not the most convenient way for you, we welcome any conference calls and/or Skype meetings as well. Please do not hesitate to contact

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Visit CNC Turning Parts , Stamping Parts  and Quality Inspection to get more info about us, if you have any question, please e-mail to Harry Yen hyen@unisontek.com.tw  

We are looking forward to you voice, even invite you to visit our factory in Taiwan. Welcome send any inquiry to us!!