Quality Inspection

Introduction to Quality Inspection

It goes without saying that quality inspection is very important in our company, for IQC, IPQC and FQC. To manufacture precision turning, milling components and assembly, we need to have correct material with qualified dimensions for machining, need to check dimension on F/A stage for every set up and IPQC in mass production to keep stable and consistent quality

Also must have FQC to make sure all dimensions meet drawing’s requirement before shipment even after plating or heat treatment.


Inspection Room

We manufacture lots of precision turning, milling components with tight tolerance every day. Besides experienced inspectors with well understanding of quality, we also need to have professional inspection instruments and environment, so Unison Tek build a new inspection room in Office in this October.

As of today, we have total three sets of CMM ( one set CNC type, two sets manual type ), three sets of precision Swiss made Trimos height gauges, two sets of surface roughness tester, and lots of other devices and thread gauges, pin gauges, all above instruments make us capable of doing professional inspection for precision parts.


Environment of Inspection Room 

The environment of inspection also plays an important role for quality control, same as our the other inspection room, we also set up the strict temperature, humidity, dust control in our new inspection room. Such as we set the temperature in the inspection room is 20 degree C+/-1 degree C, to have air conditioner run all day long.

For the precision turned or milled parts with tight tolerance, we take them into the inspection at least 12 hours before inspection to minimum the impact of thermal expansion due to temperature difference.   

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Unison Tek Inspection Equipment

Unison Tek Inspection Equipment

Unison Tek Inspection Equipment

rapid measurement device for part dimension_unison tek

rapid measurement device for part dimension


Unison Tek is ISO 9001:2015 Certified Machine Manufacturer in Taiwan for OEM/ODM/Customized machined products for 33 years, and we're willing to make any high precision machined part for you.

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