Cables and Connectors


Unison Tek also provides service of cables products, steel ropes of various specifications and materials: stainless steel wire rope, galvanized steel wire rope, coated PVC, nylon, PE, Teflon cable, all of above are widely used to make machined parts.

For example, special cable, non-rotating cable, stainless steel cable, shackle, chain,  ship pull cable, railway with rail, special steel noose, shackle, ship anchor chain,  double braided rope and other related wire rope in application of industry.

cables of Unison Tek cables of Unison Tek cables of Unison Tek

   Material: SUS 304
   Surface Finish: no
   Gross  Weight: 0.160 KG
   Min. Pull-of: 1,500 LBS

cables of Unison Tek cables of Unison Tek cables of Unison Tek  

   Material: Steel 
   Surface FinishGalvanized
   Gross  Weight
: 0.286 KG


Perform Galvanized Wire Rope and Stainless Wire Rope

We're specialized in supplying multi stranded galvanized steel wire rope over 34 years. We stocked from 0.17mm up to 12mm in various constructions including 1x3, 1x7, 1x19, 6x7, 7x7, 6x19, 7x19, with both fiber core and steel cores.

cablescables cables

Perform Vinyl Coated Cable

PVC covered cable and Nylon coated wire rope stainless and galvanized - these products are suitable for commercial applications like security cables & display purposes.

The general purpose grade PVC coated galvanized wire ropes can be used for all non-aerospace applications & come in a huge variety of sizes & colors supplied with test certification.

PVC coating is easy to strip, can be colored with almost any base color (subject to quantity required). For example, clear, red, black, white, green, blue, yellow, and other customized colors.



Fishing Cable

cables cables cables

Fittings for wide applications

We have deveqloped fittings for various kinds of wire rope. These fittings will surely widen the application range and result in simpleer assembly processes. The fittings can be supplied in stainless, brass, copper, phosphor bronze, iron, aluminium, etc.


Wire rope, also known as steel rope, is widely used. It can be used in fisheries, ships, embankments, construction industry, mechanical equipment, pulley components, cranes or elevators and suspension bridges.

It is an indispensable important in general engineering. Equipment, especially all kinds of equipment are moving towards mechanization today, the application range of steel cable is more expanded, and often has a close relationship with our work site.

The following is the table of wire rope spec:

Spec for wire rope 1x3

table of cable


Spec for wire rope 1x7

table of cable


Spec for wire rope 1x19

table of cable


Spec for wire rope 1x37

table of cable

Wire Ropes Assembled Products



AP-107BR AP-107BR_2



AJ-107BR AJ-107BR_2

More Products Information

Unison Tek also provides RF connectors to our clients, including SMA connectors, SMB connectors, MCX connectors, MMCX connectors, BNC connectors, as well as TNC connectors, N Type connectors, IEC connectors, UHF & Mini-UHF connectors and QMA connectors, and specific tooling part for our customers.

In addition, we also provides QMA connectors, FME connectors, FAKRA connectors, FME connectors, CATV connectors, and other related to the turning parts of Copper, Teflon, ABS and POM material.

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