CNC Turning Parts

At Unison Tek Co., Ltd., we pride ourselves on the high quality of turned parts we produce. We appreciate your need for excellent surface finish especially on sealing faces and on surfaces that are visible to the end customer.

Whether your requirement is for the machining of aluminium, stainless steel, titanium, polycarbonate, acetal or medical plastics we can help you.


CNC Turning Parts We Made

CNC Machine Shops in Unison Tek have already produced many kinds of cnc turning parts in 33 years, our engineering team always provided useful solution to our customers to solve their difficult problems in making cnc turning parts.

CNC Machine shops in Unison Tek offer CNC turning service to help your business in the following ways:

  • •Production of Complex Parts and Components with Great Accuracy
  • •High Speed Production
  • •Cut down the Production Expenses and Boost Business profits

precision metal products from unisontek

The following pictures are CNC Turning Parts:

Our engineering team took some pictures for our clients reference:

Precision CNC Turning Part for Riflescopes

  Precision CNC Turning Part for Riflescopes
  Material: AL6061-T6 /
Finish: Black Anodizing
  Tolerance (+ or -) 0.01mm, 
Aluminum Parts,
  Custom  Machining Service, Precison Turning

Precision CNC Turned Part for Riflescopes

  Precision CNC Turned Part for Riflescopes
  Material: AL6061-T6 / Finish: Black Anodizing
  Tolerance (+ or -) 0.01mm, 
Aluminum Parts,
  Custom  Machining Service, Precison Turned

Precision CNC Lathe Part   Precision CNC Lathe Part
  Material: Carpenter Invar Parts
  Sliding Head Automatic Machining, Precison
components, Precison Turning
Custome CNC Turn Part for Modified Car   Custome CNC Turn Part for Modified Car
  Material: SCM440
  High Dimensioal Accuracy With Fine Surface

More Products Information

Please visit Machined Parts, CNC Milling Parts, Stamping Parts, CNC Machining Service in TaiwanTechnical Data for your reference and Quality Inspection to get more info about our products, if you are interested in any kind of products, please e-mail to us to get a free quote. 

We already have high precision inspection equipments in Unison Tek, you could totally trust us to make sure that every precision metal parts our clients got is all right and perfect.


We also provide many kinds of products below for clients reference:

Threre are some fields: Inspection Instrument, Semiconductors Industry, Gas Device,  Medical Equipment, and Surgical Tools. We also have the following fields: Gear Boxes, Pumps & Compresses, Electric Motors, Audio Parts, Communication Parts, Laser Equipment, and Flow Control.

There are some fields: CNC Parts, Precision Machining Company, CNC Parts, CNC Machined Components, Precision Machine Shops, and Custom Precision Machining. We also have the following fields: CNC Production Machining, Machined Metal Parts,  CNC Machined Parts, Plastic Turned Parts, Plastic Turning Parts, CNC Machine Parts, and Precision and tooling part.


Unison Tek also provides many kinds of products below for clients reference:

We make many machined parts, including Turned Components, CNC Machine Services, CNC Machine Shop, CNC Machining Parts, Precision Turned Parts Manufacturer and Precision Turning Parts Manufacturer.

Our engineering team is Precision Milling Parts Manufacturer, and we specialize in making Precision Milled Parts Manufacturer, Precision CNC Parts Manufacturer and Custom CNC Turning Parts. In addition, our factory could provide high pressure and stainless spray nozzle.

Unison Tek is ISO 9001:2015 Certified Machine Manufacturer in Taiwan for OEM/ODM/Customized machined products for 34 years, Unison Tek cointinued to grow a scalable company in Taiwan, and our goal is to serve all the people who need oem machined metal parts.

Please mail and get a free quote from Harry Yen All of us look forward to you and invite you to visit our factory in Taiwan. Welcome to send any inquiry to us! Please watch presentation of our company on YouTube

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  • Auto Parts (Machined Parts - Copper Parts)

    CNC Turning Parts

    Industrial Parts / Industrial Components / Precison Turned Parts / Custom Machining Service / Precison Metal Parts

     Auto Parts Auto Spare Parts Auto Body Parts pictures

  • Industrial Supply Fasteners ( CNC Machining Parts / Stainless Steel Parts)

    CNC Turning Parts

    Precision CNC Machined Parts / OEM Manufacturing Service / Custom Machining Service / Custom Machining Service / Precision Metal Parts / CNC Machined Parts

    CNC Turning Parts CNC Turned Parts Machining Service

  • Optical Parts For Optical Instruments (Lens / Telescope)

    CNC Turning Parts

    Optical Parts picture 1

    Material: White POM/ Acetal / Delrin *Free of burrs & sharp edge*

    Optical Parts picture 2 Optical Parts picture 3 Optical Parts picture 4 Optical Parts picture 5 Optical Parts picture 6  Optical Parts picture 7 Optical Parts picture 8 Optical Parts picture 9 Optical Parts picture 10  Optical Parts picture 11 Optical Parts picture 12 Optical Parts picture 13 Optical Parts picture 14  Optical Parts picture 15  

  • Components for Relay Equipment

    CNC Turning Parts

    PLASTIC SPACERS - *Free of burrs & sharp edge*
    Material: White POM/ Acetal / Delrin
    Color: black, white, grey and others per request
    PLASTIC SPACERS picture 1 


     PLASTIC SPACERS picture 4 PLASTIC SPACERS picture 5 PLASTIC SPACERS picture 6  

    Get a Quote from Harry Yen  We are looking forward to your voice, even invite you to visit our factory in Taiwan.

    Inspection Instrument / Semiconductors Industry / Gas Device / Medical Equipment / Surgical Tools / Gear Boxes / Pumps & Compresses / Electric Motors / Audio Parts / Communication Parts / Laser Equipment / Flow Control

    * CNC Parts / Precision Machining Company / CNC Parts / CNC Machined Components / Precision Machine Shops / Custom Precision Machining / CNC Production Machining / Machined Metal Parts / CNC Machined Parts / Plastic Turned Parts / Plastic Turning Parts / CNC Machine Parts / Precision Turned Components / CNC Machine Services / CNC Machine Shop / CNC Machining Parts / Precision Turned Parts Manufacturer / Precision Turning Parts Manufacturer / Precision Milling Parts Manufacturer / Precision Milled Parts Manufacturer / Precision CNC Parts Manufacturer / Custom CNC Turning Parts

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