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Are you still looking for competitive CNC machining service in Taiwan?

We provide various types of CNC machining services, no matter what your demands or requirements are. It is the most essential to understand prior to choosing a particular CNC machining service provider what they can actually do for you for machined part(tooling part).

A company may advertise the fact they can offer you exactly what you want, however you should keep an eye out for any outsourced business the company themselves may require in order to satisfy your requirements. The level of outsourcing a company requires may result in you paying extra in the long run.

This also makes your supply chain more vulnerable, as you will be dependent on a 3rd party company, so it makes sense to search for a CNC machining service provider that can complete the job you desire to the level of satisfaction required without needing to outsource at all.

Choosing The Suitable CNC Machining Provider For You

Choosing the right CNC services provider for your business. It is an crucial part for your business thrive. We suggest you to taking into consideration these vital factors while choosing which CNC Machining Services provider for you to work with:

Top Notch Equipment / State of the art Technology

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Does the CNC machining service provider have the proper machinery and equipment to manufacture the components you require efficiently?

As with any other business a CNC machining service provider is required to remain competitive. At the same time it needs to embrace innovation and new technologies. Innovation drives new fabricating technology which can resolve inefficiencies. Innovation and new technology introduced on the shop floor does have an effect on the production process chain.

New machine technologies can launch existing manufacturing processes into being more productive more efficient. This can result in more parts being machine more rapidly and orders completed in a shorter period. CNC machining service provider regularly has to ensure it invests in the right gears and machinery at the right time in order to ensure it remains competitive.

Experience and Knowledgeable Workforce

“Making Excellence a Habit”

The CNC Machining Service industry is most diverse and skilled trade. Plans, designs, specifications and materials have to be thoroughly analyzed to determine which methods are required to manufacture the components needed. Technology wise is changing endlessly and improving upon new machinery is always a necessity.

The workforce of a CNC Service Provider will need to be experienced and skilled in the latest technological advances and are able to use the latest machinery at ease. They are willing and capable of learning and utilizing new technology and innovations. 

A CNC Machining operator should be able to work independently as well as being a member of a team. They should be able to communicate effectively with you and have good understanding of your requirements.

At Unison, we make use of superior Japanese CNC Turning & Milling Equipment for manufacturing, and perform inspections with CMM, profile projectors, height gages, roughness testers, and other precision measuring instruments to ensure tight control on tolerance.

We also have a strong team of manufacturing process analysts, including 16 experienced engineers, who work tirelessly to streamline production process for you with maximum efficiency.

An Introduction to CNC Machining

In the 2nd half of this article, we’re going to introduce the basics of CNC Machining process in order to provide you a look into how your CNC Machined components are produced.

CNC machining is a process that is used in the manufacturing sector which involves the usage of computers in order to control machine tools. Tools that are able to be controlled in this fashion include lathes, mills, routers and grinders. The CNC in CNC Machining is an an abbreviation for Computer Numerical Control.

To most people, it may seem just like an average PC controlling the machines, but the computer’s specialized software and control console are what really made the system different from each other for use in CNC machining.
In CNC Machining, the machine tools are controlled through numerical control system.

A computer program that is customized for an object and the machines are programmed with CNC machining language (also known as G-code) that in essence controls all features including feed rates, coordination, location and speed.

With CNC machining, the computer can take control of the exact positioning and velocity that’s required for the tool to shape the material into the desired form. CNC machining is widely used in manufacturing both for metal or plastic parts.

There are good deal of advantages to using CNC machining. The process is much more precise than manual machining. So precise in fact, the error in tolerance can be measured in cellular level. Most of all it’s able to be repeated in exactly the same pattern time and time again. Because of the precision made possible with CNC machining, this process can produce complex shapes that would almost be impossible to achieve with manual machining.

CNC Machining is used in the production of numerous complex three-dimensional shapes. It is because of these characteristics that CNC machining is frequently used in jobs that are in need of high level of precision or tasks of highly repetitive nature. In addition, our factory could provide high pressure and stainless spray nozzle.

The following pictures are CNC metal parts:



- High anti-corrosion

- A-magnetism (non-magnetic)

- Excellent machinability/ High free-cutting ability

- Exception surface finish after machining

- Available in rod (bar) and wire forms


  • Aerospace, Medical and healthcare equipment, Military, Electronics and electrical engineering, Watch industry, Screws for MRI, Ferrules for fiber optics Connectors, Sensors, Sleeves, Spraying nozzles, etc. If you need any special purpose, welcome to e-mail us.



AL6061 Aluminum Turned Part(1) Aluminum Extrusion Heatsink Aluminum Extrusion Part Aluminum milled part (2)C276 Gold-Plated Coffee Machine Part(1)  Plain Aluminum Milled Part(1) SP3Spherical SUS Turning Part Steel Turning Part SUS 304 stainless steel turning part(1) SUS Precision Watch parts(2) Turning & Milling SUS Part(1) Aluminum Milled Part Aluminum Milled Part With Black Anodize Matte Anodize Aluminum AL Milling Part(1)(1)

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We already have high precision inspection equipments at Unison Tek, you could totally trust us to make sure that every precision metal part our clients got is all right and perfect. If you have any further question, you could contact our professional engineering team.

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