General Gears

We provide lots of gear, spur gear, worm gear….. for our customers all over the world, with the material carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum, brass, stainless steel…, above gears can be CNC turned, milled to suitable dimension then have gear machine cut to have right teeth dimension.

We can have heat treated process to make them hard enough to perform their function.

Once you have requirement of gear, it is sure that we are your best source with high quality machined part to meet your urgent needs.

The function of general gear

The main function of gears is to transmit power, and its application range is very wide. From the transmission mechanism of automobiles to mechanical watches, gears are used for transmission.

Eccentric gear

Characteristics of Eccentric Gear

Eccentric gear transmission adopts shifting gear. In addition, the displacement coefficient and variable of each tooth of this kind of displacement gear are different, and the shape of each gear tooth is also different, which is determined by the amount of backlash during the transmission of the eccentric gear.

Obtained by selecting the displacement coefficient and calculating the variable. The eccentric displacement gear transmission mechanism can eliminate the motion error, shock and vibration caused by the change of the backlash during the eccentric gear transmission.

Eccentric gears are most commonly used in industrial "reducers". These eccentric gears, so called offset-gear, are made by steel. Their photos are as follows:

steel eccentric gears steel eccentric gears
steel eccentric gears  steel eccentric gears steel eccentric gears

Gears below are for signal amplification, with the material aluminum, be CNC turned first to have several different center bore size, every size with tolerance +0.01/-0 mm, then have machine cut into right gear dimensions.

Surface are anodized properly not to affect the bore size and gear dimension. Their photos are as follows:

aluminum eccentric gears aluminum eccentric gears aluminum eccentric gears


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