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Freight Cost Calculation

Freight cost calculator: We are able to calculate the freight cost of the precision machined parts from Taiwan to your address(location) for your reference. Our customers enjoy the discounted rates via our shipping accounts as we use DHL, FedEx, EMS very frequently and make sure your goods are deliveried on time.

Please tell us the total weight and dimensional weights of your package, and our sales team will be able to provide you with the much lower freight cost.

Shipping Cost Calcaulator: Harry Yen hyen@unisontek.com.tw


Need OEM/ODM Technical Advices? We have a strong team of manufacturing process analysts,  including 16 engineers who study your parts/designs and research into new process to produce parts efficiently.

Our engineers are very familiar with the quality control methods, such as PPAP, SPC, FMEA, GR&R, SPC and use them to get the highest quality of our CNC precision turned, milled parts, tooling part for semiconductor, inspection instrument, flow control, laser, medical, communcation, air compressor, precision motor, control relay system, hydraulic industries...to meet tight tolerance and high quality.


Our core policy in Unison Tek company is client-oriented, which means we put you first and foremost, clients are our top priority. We use different packing materials to protect the precision machined components from damage during transportation.

For example, Anti-Corrosion Bags (VCI Anti Rust Bags) / Blister Packs (Plastic Tray) / EPE Foam Buffer Packing Material / Plastic Web / Zip Lock Bags.


Production Process

      step 1:Check drawing & specification for the component.
      step 2:Create PCP (process control plan), FMEA, GAGE R&R, to control parts in advance.
      step 3:IPQC to inspect manufacturing parts.
      step 4:Final inspection.
      step 5:Safe keep project records to reflect & respond to customer.

The following are pictures of our products:

Bubble Web
Bubble Wrap

Plastic Web for CNC turned shaft parts, pins
Plastic Web

Blister Pack (Plastic Tray)Plastic Web  Zip Lock Bags

Blister Park Plastic Tray Carton

EPE Foam Buffer Packing MaterialEPE Foam Buffer Packing Material

Anti-Corrosion Bags (VCI Anti Rust Bags)Anti-Corrosion Bags (VCI Anti Rust Bags)

plastic flange and components
plastic flange and components

Precision components
Precision components

Signal transmitter
Signal transmitter

Anti-Corrosion Bags (VCI Anti Rust Bags)
Auto parts

Precision coupling
Precision coupling


In addition, please mail and get a free quote from Harry Yen 
hyen@unisontek.com.tw or visit our FacilityTechnical Data for your reference and Quality InspectionWe're looking forward to you and invite you to visit our factory in Taipei of Taiwan. In addition, our engineering team will reply to you with useful feedback.

Please watch presentation of our company on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tznp2dAs8KE