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Unisontek  manufactures turned parts from various materials like stainless steel , aluminium, carbon steel & copper alloy etc. CNC turned parts offered by Unisontek possess high degree of accuracy and repeatability. We are well equipped with innovative technology to manufacture small stainless steel and metal parts for the products of excellent quality parts for wide application area. Unisontek executes customized orders for our local and overseas clients as per their specifications at very competitive price. Following pictures we just name a few for your reference:

 Aluminum Extrusion Part  Aluminum Extrusion Part

Aluminum Milled Part Aluminum Milled Part 

Spherical SUS Turning PartSpherical SUS Turning Part 


 Aluminum Milled Part With Black AnodizeAluminum Milled Part With Black Anodize


 C276 Turned Part For AssemblyC276 Turned Part For Assembly

 Steel Turning Part Steel Turning Part

  SUS Precision Watch PartSUS Precision Watch Part

 Aluminum Milled PartAluminum Milled Part

 Aluminum Milled Part With Matt Black AnodizeAluminum Milled Part With Matt Black Anodize


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cnc precision metal parts(001) cnc precision metal parts(002) cnc precision metal parts(003)

cnc precision metal parts(004) cnc precision metal parts(005) cnc precision metal parts(006)

cnc precision metal parts(007) cnc precision metal parts(008) cnc precision metal parts(009)

cnc precision metal parts(010) cnc precision metal parts(011) cnc precision metal parts(012)

cnc precision metal parts(013) cnc precision metal parts(014) cnc precision metal parts(015)

cnc precision metal parts(016) cnc precision metal parts(017) 

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