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To date, people in our engineering team have already gained a lot of experience in CNC machining manufacture and related precision metal parts. Also we would like to share our solutions to problems that our clients came across, and we received many compliments from our customers, because  "Pursuing high quality precision metal product is our goal " we always keep that in our mind since Unison Tek started.

2018/10/26   Introduction to Unisontek ---- video

Welcome to Unisontek, Unison Tek Co., Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified OEM precision milled parts ,turned parts & assembly manufacturer in Taiwan with more than 35 years of experience. There are some videos about us in YouTube and other social media.



2024/06/20 Polyoxymethylene (POM) — An Excellent Engineering Plastic

2024/05/15  The Mechanical Properties and Industrial Applications of Brass
2024/04/17  Sandblasting: Techniques and Applications

2024/03/20 Aluminum Extrusion: Applications and Advantages

2024/2/12 Characteristics and Applications of Stainless Steel

2024/1/12 Characteristics and Applications of Aluminum Alloys

2023/10/27 2023 Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) Top1000 Elite SME Award

2023/10/20 What is heatsink? In cnc processing

2023/7/17 CNC Turning Parts in Taiwan


2022/3/28  All Metal Processing is related to Milling Processing



2022/3/28  The Principle and History of Milling Machine Processing



 2022/3/28  Using Milling Machine Processing Equipment to Process



2022/3/25  Knowledge to CNC Processing You Have to Know




2022/3/25  Total Quality Assurance (TQA) at Unison Tek






2022/3/24 Top Processing Capabilities in Taiwan CNC Manufacturer




2020/8/26 Our advantages for service of machined metal parts

2020/2/12 Everything is OK at Unison Tek

2020/1/31 Introduction to ARCAP AP1D

2018/12/22 High speed turned parts in Taiwan

2018/12/21 CNC Turned Parts Supplier

2018/12/21 Precision turned parts in Taiwan

2018/12/20 CNC Milling Parts in Taiwan

2018/12/20 CNC Turning Parts in Taiwan

2018/12/20 Stamping Parts in Taiwan

2018/12/07 Friendly environment of our office in Unisontek

2018/12/07   What is Stamping 

2018/12/07   Quality Inspection

2018/12/5    The 2018 Holiday Season at Unison Tek

Season’s Greetings! It's that time of the year again.

2018/12/5   About Custom CNC Milling Process

CNC milling is one of the most popular CNC machining processes. Milling includes the technical method of both drilling and cutting processes. CNC milling uses a rotating cylindrical cutting tool to drill the material.

2018/11/30    Machining Metal Supplier in Taiwan

With years of experience as a machining metal supplier in Taiwan, we understand that sometimes it’s hard to audit

2018/11/30   Precision CNC Machining Services in Taiwan

2018/11/29   New Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory

Recently, Unison Tek have a new precision measurement equipment laboratory for enhancing our..... 

2018/11/29   Gears    

Gears areusedin different types of machinery as a transmission component.

2018/11/29   What is Quality Control? 

Quality control (QC) is a process by which entities review the quality of all factors involved in production. ISO 9000 defines quality.....

2018/11/27     Benefits of industrial automation

The idea of automation arose when we expected to make our lives easier.  Here are some key benefits of industrial automation.....

2018/11/23   Fabrications of Materials

Unisontek provided customers start-to-finish fabrication expertise including laser and plasma cutting, bending, machining.....

2018/11/22   Blasting

Blasting is a method applying grit to a surface, using pressurized air to jet certain blast media.

2018/11/22    Brief Introduction of Plastic Injection

Plastic Injection machines uses a huge screw to drive molten raw plastic material into the mold gate with a high pressure.....

2018/11/21    Types of Grinding Machines

which is usually used as a machining method to process metals.....

2018/11/21   Production Part Approval Process

PPAP is used in the automotive supply chain for establishing confidence in suppliers and their production processes......

2018/11/21  Worker safety

hy automating an industrial operation in the production line? "Worker safety" is an important reason for that. It often remove workers....

2018/11/21  CNC Sliding Head Lathe

CNC Sliding Head Lathes are also known as Swiss Auto Lathes.  The unique .... 

2018/11/21  Corrective Action and Preventative Action Samples in Unison

A preventative or corrective action will put into place arrangements which will prevent a re-occurrence, to .....

2018/11/16  Fundamental Concepts of Heat Treatment

Heat treatment refers to an industrial application ......

2018/11/15  Catergory of Machine tools

There are many metal cutting machine tools in the field of metal  processing .....


The impact computer technology on machine tools has changed all areas of machining and manufacturing.....

2018/11/7     A look into the anodisation process

As an OEM/custom machined metal parts manufacturer, Unison Tek is.....

2018/11/7    The Seamless Supply Chain We Provide

We understand what 1 late product means for your production line might cause big problems on.

2018/11/7   What is Engineering Tolerance?

Have you ever wondered how parts can fit so well together into a watch, or a smartphone?

2018/11/7    Advantages of Rapid Prototyping in terms of CNC machining

One of the complex challenges that product designers face.....

2018/11/7   Types of Grinding

A cylindrical grinder is used for shaping the outside of a workpiece.....

2018/11/5    Customer Service Survey

Last month, we used questionnaire to know how customers feel about service from Unisontek. Finally we made a conclusion ....

2018/11/5    Reading ANSI Tables for Inspections Based on Random Sampling

How to read the “ANSI tables”, aka “AQL tables”   Source: Mil-Std 105E, replaced by commercial standards: ISO2859, ANSI/ASQ Z1.4-2003, NF06-022, BS 6001, DIN 40080....

2018/10/31  Deflashing procedure using liquid nitrogen frozen deflashing machine

As an OEM/custom machined metal parts manufacturer, Unison Tek does not just solve problems for our customers......

2018/10/31   Grinding

Grinding is an abrasive machining process that uses a grinding wheel as the cutting tool ....

2018/10/30   Deep Hole Drilling and Machining

Deep hole machining means to make holes ten times deeper than hole diameter. There are a variety of different CNC or machine set-ups to do this.  The most common method is rotating the work pieces on ....

2018/10/30   One Stop Solution

To complete one stop solution, not only just fully machined parts for you, we also provide services with our affiliated supplier of anodizing, plating, passivation, coating, laser printing, drilling and .....

2018/10/30   CNC Laser Cut Service

Introduction: Laser cutting service is one of Unison Tek’s expertized capability. We have been providing laser cutting services over 15 years...... 

2018/10/26   What is CNC machining

CNC machining involves milling, turning, EDM, stamping, extruding or surface grinding process, to name just a few.....

2018/10/26   Types of CNC Machine

The vast majority of today’s CNC arsenals are completely electronic. Some of the more common CNC-operated processes include ultrasonic welding .....

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