AP-107BR Waterproof Plug


7 conductor, waterproof plug, wire strain relief and solder terminals, mates with AJ-107.

AP-107BR AP-107BR





Ruggedized Commercial / Military

Contact Types


Rear Accessory

Wire Strain Relief

Shell Material


Plating Material

Black Anodize (standard)Black Chrome (shielded)

Insert Material

Thermoset Plastic

Contact Material

Gold-plated BeCu


Axial Push-Pull Motion

Engagement Force

≤ 14 lb

Disengagement Force

8 to 12 lb

Mating Cycles



-55 to 85 ºC

Contact Current Capacity

3 A

Contact Resistance

≤ 150 mV


  • 1. Plug and Jack breakaway connectors designed to function in severe environments
  • 2. Watertight in up to 6 feet of water
  • 3. Molded-in wiping-action contacts provide self-cleaning feature and eliminate issues with pin/socket open contacts
  • 4. Designed for multiple cable diameters
  • 5. Miniature versions are 50% smaller than standard connectors while maintaining many of the same performance characteristics


  • 1. All standard connector options also available in miniaturized versions
  • 2. Shielding is available in all connector choices
  • 3. Solder-type contacts or insulation-piercing contacts
  • 4. Wire strain relief or over-molded versions available for all plugs and jacks
  • 5. 7- or 10-pin (miniature version only) contacts
  • 6. Panel mount versions are available for both front- and rear-mount panels


  • 1. Commercial / Industrial Equipment
  • 2. Medical Equipment
  • 3. Military Vehicles
  • 4. Commercial Aircraft
  • 5. Telecommunications Equipment
  • 6. Missiles and Ordnance
  • 7. C4I Systems

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